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Do you have any questions about buying or selling a car? Here you will find the most frequently asked questions.


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You are buying a car from us

These are numerous. The best thing to do is take a look at theAdvantages for youpage. 

Every car advertised by Helveticar undergoes the 110-point Helveticar check before being sold. You can find all test criteria here.

Yes, of course you can! We'll check your vehicle and work out its value. If you agree, we will deduct this amount from your purchase price.

Of course! Call us to make an appointment. We'll get everything ready for you and we'll be happy to let you have the car keys.

Every car undergoes the 110-point Helveticar check in our workshop before delivery, meaning that it will pass the MFK without a problem. Every vehicle we sell has at least one year's MFK remaining. Of course, we can put the car through its MFK for you, if you wish. 

For all our vehicles, a service is due at the earliest after 5,000 kilometres or five months.

We will, of course, offer you a warranty of up to 24 months for your car, which can be extended if necessary.

We can offer you various financing options, including leasing and loans.

A deposit of CHF 1,000 is required upon completion of the purchase which is deducted from the purchase price. 

You are selling us a car

In contrast to a private sale, you don't need to worry about advertising the vehicle on various online exchanges or about dubious enquiries with aggressive price negotiations. You also save yourself the "test drives" and can sell your car to us without a guarantee. 

Basically, we buy all types of vehicle. Those that don't fit with our portfolio are sold on directly to our partner garages. 

We usually determine our prices using leading price analysis tools. In the case of unusual vehicles, it may not be possible to determine an online price. In this case, we can carry out a manual calculation and let you know the price by email or phone on the next working day.

The online price should give you a realistic idea of your vehicle's value, but the final purchase price also depends on the technical and visual condition of the vehicle.

The vehicle check takes place in our workshop at Hofstrasse 99, 8620 Wetzikon. Please contact us in advance. 

Our mechanic uses a checklist to check the essential parts of the vehicle: both technical and visual condition, e.g. electrics, brake systems, shock absorbers, engine compartment, lighting, tyres and wheels, as well as damage and any repairs that have been carried out, e.g. after an accident.

No. We agree with you a period of time for which our offer will remain valid. 

Our online pricing tool is completely free. The vehicle check costs CHF 300 and will be deducted from the purchase price in the event of a sale. 

Immediately after the sale, in cash or by bank transfer. You decide!

You don't need to worry about that. We’ll buy your car and transfer the money to you. Everything else is our responsibility.

The following documents are needed:

  • Driver's licence, passport or ID card
  • Registration document
  • COC
  • All supplementary sheets 
  • All car keys
  • Service record
  • Instruction manual
  • Your bank details
  • Winter/summer wheels, if available

We are acting as brokers for your car

When selling through Helveticar, sellers achieve a significantly higher selling price than with conventional dealers. Helveticar takes on the entire sales process. We advertise your car, following a free inspection by our workshop in Wetzikon. We take calls from interested parties and let you know of any serious offers. This saves you dubious enquiries with aggressive price negotiations and "test drives".

The sales value is significantly higher than if you were to sell your car privately because your car has undergone the Helveticar 110-point check and is sold with at least 12 months' MFK (MOT equivalent), financing options and a warranty.

It's impossible to generalise as it's price- and vehicle-dependent. We'll be happy to make you an individual offer. Please contact us for this.

Supply and demand define the market value of your vehicle. We must take into account that, for the most part, prices keep on falling. It is therefore important to get the price point right in order to sell your vehicle as quickly as possible.

You determine the lowest sale price you are prepared to accept.

We advertise your car on our website and on all major online portals such as,, and

We can't know that for certain, but we can obviously make a prediction. We will, of course, try to find a buyer for your vehicle as quickly as possible.

Yes, but it's advantageous to have the car in our showroom so that one of our many casual customers also has the chance to buy it. It also means that you don't have to drive to us every time someone wants to view the car. 

We will transfer the money to your account as soon as we've signed the contract with the buyer. No cash payouts.

Do you have further questions?

You are welcome to contact us on 043 495 21 43

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