We buy vehicles of all types and price ranges. Sell ​​now in just three steps!

Sell ​​the vehicle and get the money immediately. You don't need to worry about anything!


Would you like to sell your car straight to us or would you prefer us to broker the vehicle?

Broker a vehicle at the minimum sales price you have set. We take care of everything!


Safe. Uncomplicated. Risk free.

  • A non-binding offer within 24 hours

    We will process your request on the same working day and send you a non-binding offer for your vehicle as quickly as possible.

  • No ads, no test drives, no phone calls

    By taking the easy route of selling straight to us, you save yourself time-consuming "test drives" and phone calls from interested parties who are only interested in leasing or having a warranty. As a private seller, you cannot usually offer this. You also save yourself the advertising costs.

  • You don't have to worry about a thing – we'll take care of it all for you

    We would be happy to take off your licence plates for you, cancel your vehicle registration document and, if you wish, collect the vehicle from your desired location. So you can concentrate on the important things.

  • Completely risk-free: you're not giving us any guarantee or warranty

    Many private buyers expect a guarantee or warranty for the vehicle they are buying. This does not apply to us, so, after the sale, you can put the matter to bed.

  • Instant payout

    You will receive the amount agreed on straight after the sale has been concluded. You decide whether you would like to receive the money in cash or by bank transfer.

Frequently asked questions about direct sales

In contrast to a private sale, you don't need to worry about advertising the vehicle on various online exchanges or about dubious enquiries with aggressive price negotiations. You also save yourself the "test drives" and can sell your car to us without a guarantee. 

Our mechanic uses a checklist to check the essential parts of the vehicle: both technical and visual condition, e.g. electrics, brake systems, shock absorbers, engine compartment, lighting, tyres and wheels, as well as damage and any repairs that have been carried out, e.g. after an accident.

No. We agree with you a period of time for which our offer will remain valid. 

Immediately after the sale, in cash or by bank transfer. You decide!

The following documents are needed:

  • Driver's licence, passport or ID card
  • Registration document
  • COC
  • All supplementary sheets 
  • All car keys
  • Service record
  • Instruction manual
  • Your bank details
  • Winter/summer wheels, if available


Safe. Uncomplicated. Risk free.

  • Guaranteed minimum sales price as per your instructions

    We will work with you to determine the optimal sales price for your vehicle. Our purchasing team uses Switzerland's leading price analysis tools to position your car perfectly in the highly competitive second-hand market.

  • Immediate payout after sale

    You will receive the agreed amount straight after delivery to the customer. You decide whether you would like to receive the money in cash or by bank transfer.

  • Handling of the entire sales process

    We advertise your car on the largest sales platforms in Switzerland and maintain contact with potential customers through to conclusion of contract and delivery of your car to the end customer. Our service enables you to sell your car in a convenient, risk-free and, above all, stress-free way.

  • Leasing, warranty and exchange options for the customer

    Stand out from the crowd by offering your prospective customers, with our help, all the advantages of a dealership – finance, a warranty and part exchange options.

  • Maximum sales opportunities

    With our existing customer base and the professional presentation of your vehicle in our showroom and on several online platforms, it won't be a problem to find you a suitable buyer in as short a time as possible.

Frequently asked questions about broker

When selling through Helveticar, sellers achieve a significantly higher selling price than with conventional dealers. Helveticar takes on the entire sales process. We advertise your car, following a free inspection by our workshop in Wetzikon. We take calls from interested parties and let you know of any serious offers. This saves you dubious enquiries with aggressive price negotiations and "test drives".

The sales value is significantly higher than if you were to sell your car privately because your car has undergone the Helveticar 110-point check and is sold with at least 12 months' MFK (MOT equivalent), financing options and a warranty.

It's impossible to generalise as it's price- and vehicle-dependent. We'll be happy to make you an individual offer. Please contact us for this.

You determine the lowest sale price you are prepared to accept.

We advertise your car on our website and on all major online portals such as,, and

Yes, but it's advantageous to have the car in our showroom so that one of our many casual customers also has the chance to buy it. It also means that you don't have to drive to us every time someone wants to view the car. 

Thats what our customers say

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